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Muse Melpomene (Original oil on canvas)

Melpomene was the muse of tragedy. I wanted to experiment with colours that evoked a mood of sadness, largely borrowing from Picasso’s blue period. This nude on canvas may not be ‘beautiful’ in the conventional context, but one of the … Continue reading

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The Last Syllable (Original short film)

I am passionate about, though relatively new to, film-making. While the sentiment of this soliloquy from Act 5, Scene 5 of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is rather depressing, the words and imagery used to express it are extremely beautiful.

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Was this not love indeed? (Twelfth Night’s Viola)

One of the most powerful forms of love is the love of someone that one cannot be with. This could be for many different reasons – perhaps the love is unrequited, the object of that love is committed to someone … Continue reading

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On Love-sick Winds (Exploring Shakespeare’s Cleopatra)

Cleopatra VII of Egypt may not have been the great physical beauty that she is portrayed in literature and art, but she was certainly highly charismatic, a brilliant strategist and a worthy source of inspiration. Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra shows … Continue reading

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