Sculpture of the Veiled Christ

SanseveroIn the heart of the surging, chaotic cacophony that is Naples, there lies an oasis.  Within the Museo Cappella Sansevero lies a sculpture of such sublime and arresting beauty that it seems as though the artists’ hands were guided by a divine force. The Veiled Christ or Christ Lying Under the Shroud was created in 1753 by Guiseppe Sanmartino but was originally commissioned from Antonio Corradini, who did not live to complete the work.

The carving is of such delicacy that it manages to transform solid marble into the finest muslin, resting gently over the contours of the body beneath. The crown of thorns has been removed from the figure’s head and lies at his feet, a poignant reminder of what this body has suffered to be now at peace.


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1 Response to Sculpture of the Veiled Christ

  1. Michael says:

    I saw this at the New York Met. Pictured here is Nothing compared to the visage in person. You could just die with the extraordinary beauty and perfection. The veil is thin as paper./

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