Sugar Glider: A Little Wildlife Poem

A little tribute to another animal for which I have a soft spot. These darling Australian marsupials have a membrane between the wrist and ankle, enabling them to glide from tree to tree.


Sugar Glider: Beauty in Small Things

When all the bushland fades and sleeps,

And twilight turns to opal-black,

From safe inside his nest he peeps

And through his treetop kingdom creeps

With stretching limbs and arching back.

Caught in haze ‘tween beast and bird,

This mammal with the gift of flight,

An homage to all things absurd,

But few have seen and few have heard

His secret dealings in the night.

Words © Christina Y

About Poetic Beauty

Passionate lover of beauty in all its forms, from the universal to the infinitesimal, with a desire to touch the hearts of all I encounter and share the beauty of life with others My art:
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4 Responses to Sugar Glider: A Little Wildlife Poem

  1. krikitarts says:

    Lovely sugar-glider shot. How did you capture it so well, in night flight? Also, your poem is very appropriate, although–if you’ll permit me a constructive comment on my first visit, it’s not a mammal–as you obviously know from your accompanying text.

    • This shot is actually a stock image, as I wanted something to accompany the poem. Yes, it’s true that the glider is a marsupial, but marsupials are an infraclass of mammals so I was allowing a little poetic licence 🙂

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