The Eyes Have It

On starting this blog, I vowed to myself that there was one aspect of beauty that I would shun, as I place no value in it – human physical beauty. I relent for a moment to bring you this image.

When photographing someone, I have to fall in love with them… just for an instant. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, how old they are or what they look like. They are doing me the honour of allowing me to capture a little of their essence and I love showing the beauty of who they are.

Whilst travelling into the Western Sahara in Morocco, I had the pleasure of encountering this lovely lady-with-eyes-of-dazzling-mystique. In a magical instant, she looked straight through my camera’s lens and pierced my soul. And I assure you that the beauty of her heart more than matched that of her face.

About Poetic Beauty

Passionate lover of beauty in all its forms, from the universal to the infinitesimal, with a desire to touch the hearts of all I encounter and share the beauty of life with others My art:
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2 Responses to The Eyes Have It

  1. Frankie says:

    Chrissie what a simply beautiful photograph. The girls eyes are unbelievably striking.

    P.S Sorry for my unbelievable rubbishness at keeping in touch. Hope it’s all going well and we will have to meet up soon!

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