Strawberry Sensuality

I can’t begin to tell you how much ecstasy is brought into my life by food. I am often planning my next meal even before finishing my last. Food is my passionate lover, from whom I can always derive indulgent pleasure. I loathe the very idea of dieting – why should pure bliss be rationed?

Strawberries are the most sumptuous and sensual of fruits. They delight my vision, as well as my taste buds. It is no wonder that Hieronymus Bosch incorporates the image of the strawberry into his astoundingly detailed work, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. Fruit is used as a metaphor for sexual pleasure, as a young gentleman presents his lover with an enormous strawberry in a reversal of the Adam and Eve temptation story.

I photographed this caringly crafted display on a gloriously warm spring morning at the market in Nice, France.

About Poetic Beauty

Passionate lover of beauty in all its forms, from the universal to the infinitesimal, with a desire to touch the hearts of all I encounter and share the beauty of life with others My art:
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