Morning Tranquility (just me and the ducks)

One can never move, albeit to bigger and brighter things, without a sense of loss at closing a chapter of one’s life.  At the end of the month I shall be making the relatively small move from Old Isleworth/St Margaret’s to the centre of Richmond.  I’m excited by the prospect and spend most of my time by the Richmond riverside anyway, but I will miss drinking in my favourite view each day (pictured above).

I’m a bit of a ‘Ratty’ about rivers. In his words: “There is nothing  – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” The Thames has been my companion on my walk to and from work for over a year. Its mood, like mine, is ever-changing, and most mornings only I and the ducks are present to witness its beauty.

Sometimes… just sometimes… the river is completely at peace, the water so still that it’s like a mirror reflecting an undistorted view of the pinkish-golden clouds above, as if capturing heaven and dragging it down to the Earth.

About Poetic Beauty

Passionate lover of beauty in all its forms, from the universal to the infinitesimal, with a desire to touch the hearts of all I encounter and share the beauty of life with others My art:
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2 Responses to Morning Tranquility (just me and the ducks)

  1. Kerry says:

    beautiful reflections, as hard as it is to get up early… morning is almost always the most beautiful time of day

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